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Our lawyers have established a reputation for successfully defending and securing acquittals for clients. These cases are frequently high-profile and often involve the most serious of criminal charges. Listed below are a select few examples of such cases.
We often act for parties in disputes that cover both the civil and criminal sphere. Our expertise in both fields enables us to give reliable, clear advice and to successfully represent our clients in both spheres with confidence.
A young PhD student was acquitted of rape in a case that garnered national and international media coverage. The prosecution relied on an apparent admission by way of apology message sent to the complainant. Our lawyers drew on the expertise of a psychiatrist specialising in Adult Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Our expert highlighted the various communication issues of our client, thus weakening a vital part of the prosecution case.

A client was alleged to have been part of a conspiracy to commit armed robberies across a number of mobile phone stores nationwide. His DNA was allegedly found in one of the crime scenes. We instructed DNA experts to challenge the prosecution contention. We were successful in ensuring that this key prosecution evidence was excluded at trial. This proved crucial in our client being acquitted of all charges.


An employee was charged with a computer hacking offence, during the course of his employment. He approached us only after he had been charged with the offence. The matter was directed for trial to the Crown Court due to the seriousness of the offence and the complexity of the evidence involved. Repeated written representations were made to the Crown Prosecution Service. Eventually, it was accepted that the evidence to convict simply was not there and the charges were dismissed, pre-trial.


We acted for a retail company in opposing an interim injunction to enforce rights under a lease. Robust and meticulous investigation and submissions led to a High Court Judge vindicating our client’s position at the very first opportunity. This further enabled the proceedings to be brought to a speedy close with the least inconvenience to our client.


We acted in a long-running property dispute, giving rise to a number of different issues, including easements, nuisance and trespass. Through close cooperation with our client and expert submissions we were able to reduce the claim against our client by 75%.


During ongoing domestic violence criminal proceedings, we were able to liaise directly with the estranged wife of our client to secure access to his children. At the initial hearing at the Magistrates Court, we were able to include, as a condition of bail, that our family law department could communicate with our client’s partner directly, to facilitate access. Our involvement meant that, from the outset, our client was able to remain fully involved in his children’s lives, pending the conclusion of proceedings. Without our intervention, our client faced the prospect of not seeing his young children for 4 months.

  • “I found myself in hot water due to my desperate actions a few months previous. As a result I was arrested, then bailed to appear at court some five weeks later. Within that time I stuck to my conditions, and took on board what my solicitor advised me. I was given realistic and practical advice, and this gave me the strength needed through this stressful time. Thank you ever so much.”


  • “We would first like to say a massive thank you for the continued support and kindness you showed our family during this long ordeal! We could not have asked for a better group of people to help us through a very difficult period. Thank you for the long hours and for going above and beyond. We are forever grateful!”


  • “My son and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in this delicate matter. You came to Northampton to support him at short notice. You were very thorough and the fact that you talked to my son as an adult, made him communicate with you better. The matter, I’m sure, would have turned out differently if you had not done so. We really appreciate the advice you gave him during his police interview and afterwards, and in keeping us up to date with the progress of the case. Thank you once again.”

    Natalie F.

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